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 Hope Pledge Letter

 Hope Pledge Letter

Share the Joy of Ramadan with our Libyan Brothers & Sisters     

Zakat Elfiter – Zakat Almal – General Sadaqa

Donate your Zakat before Eid & Fitra now !

"Fitra must reach the needy before Eid"

 Zakat Fitra is calculated at $10 per person 

شارك فرحة رمضان المبارك مع إخوانكم وأخواتكم الليبيين            

زكاة الفطر 10$ للفرد - زكاةالمال- الصدقات العامة           

كل عام وانتم بخير           

ولكم منا خالص الشكروالامتنان           


المديرالتنفيذي المكلف             

Donate Online via Paypal: 

Or send check to the following address:  

                     Hope international

                     PO Box 293102

                     Kettering, OH 45429 

Or call (937) 430-7067    

*Please forward this to your contacts to help more Libyan Families and

multiply your reward !!!!



 Hope Pledge Letter

Arabic Version


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HOPE INTERNATIONAL has setup a special Libyan Relief Fund with the objective of

providing emergency aid to tens of thousands of people in Libya who face violence

and shortages of medical equipment and medicine and food supplies.

The World Food Program has called on the world to increase humanitarian

assistance to prevent a "disaster" inside Libya, citing a depletion of Libyan food

stocks. Libya, under Gadhafi's rule, impoprts nearly 80 percent of its food needs.

Your much needed donation through HOPE will help provide emergency

relief and long-term items and show your solidarity with the Libyan people.

HOPE is working with recognized relief organizations. Act Now - Your Help is Needed!

Call Now 1-855-HOPE123 (1-855-467-3123)


CONTAINERS OF HOPE - Medical Supplies and Equipment

A Great Opportunity to Multiply the Value of Your Gift

HOPE International is shipping six containers of critically needed medical supplies and

equipment to hospitals and clinics in Libyan camps in Tunisia.


Our SECOND container is already on it's way: On Monday, July 18, the 40-foot container

left carrying over10,000 Ibs of critically needed medical supplies and equipment such as

syringes, pediatric scales, hospital mattresses, sterile gloves, centrifuges, stretchers,

incubators, nebulizers, an electrosurgical unit, a ventilator, and an oxygen



The contents of the 13,000+ donated supplies were hand-selected by a group of Libyan

doctors who have been in contact with target hospitals and compiled lists of needed medical supplies.

Each container is valued at between $150,000 to $200,000 (donated supplies).

However, each container will cost only $29,000 (including shipping).


Photograph of the second container leaving storage facility on July 18, 2011                                                                                                   

The Tunisian Red Crescent is receiving the donated cargo in Tunisia and will handle

delivery to the Zintan and Nalut General Hospitals in Western Libya. These hospitals

are treating hundreds of victims of the violence and armed combat occurring in Libya now.


Your generous GIFT will help SEND FOUR more CONTAINERS — ACT NOW.

To donate securely online please click here.



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Libyan Emergency Donation

Donated amount $15,520.00

Zakat al-Maal

Donated amount $21,453.00


Donated amount $9,800.00

Zakat al-Fitr

Donated amount $14,397.00

Mohamed Shabash Fund

Donated amount $500.00

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